Pleasant living without worries

Pleasant living without worries

The main purpose of intelligent house management is to ensure most of the tasks in aspect of safety, comfort and energy savings.

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tasks saved per year

Let´s see the example of specific house. House consists of 13 of rooms and 18 of windows. In the statistics shows datas for one year and they presenting an everyday life of a family of 4.

Saves worries and decides

When you leave a house you will save a decision if the windows are closed, lights are switched off or any of the devices left switched on. When you are come home there will be warm enough in the rooms.

Decisions and tasks are employe us everyday and takes not only our energy but our precious time which can be used better.

Real Smart home is constantly learning and adapts to your lifestyle and habits. Of course you can step in to the device anytime manually. You can but you dont have to.

Tasks saved per year: 61 570