Other systems

Other systems

Fire alarm systems - EPS

Protection of people and property

The application of Electric Fire Alarm is a way of protection of persons and property by means of fire sensors systematically placed in the building.

High damage caused by fire

And we are not talking about the damage to human life, which is incalculable.

Workplaces with graphical superstructure

For large and extensive systems, we realize workplaces with a graphical superstructure, which serves for easier orientation in the area or an extensive building by displaying icons in a plan view.

Detektor dymu loxone

Electronic security and alarm systems - EZS

Do you feel the need to do something for secure your loved ones?

Basic protective equipment

One of the basic means of protection of persons and their property is the installation of electronic security systems.

Protects the lives and property of people

A well designed security system, completed by mechanical security and appropriate regime measures, reliably protects the lives and property of persons in case of burglary, assault or other aggression.

The basic element is the headquarters

It sells processed information in the required form to authorized persons performing intervention activities. It´s important to realize that even a well-functioning system, without ensuring adequate processing, evaluation and response to alarm information, is a globally non-working investment.

Appropriate choice of elements

Suitable selection of sensing elements, their correct installation and thoughtful placement always depend on the nature of the guarded object, its layout and matieral´s of building  which the building was built from.

Camera systems

One of the most dynamicaly developed technology in the area of security and monitoring.

Suggestion for the technical solution

Before you decide to buy and install a CCTV system, it is appropriate to advise and suggest a way of technical solution of a system like this and show practical results that can be expected from the system.

Access from anywhere

For the required remote monitoring and access to cameras from anywhere on the globe secure the broadband transmission over the IP protocol.

Verified cameras

All the cameras we use were tested and compared by ourselves and based by our conviction were classified in the portfolio for deployment of systems installed by us.

Air conditioning

Individual control

Each unit can be controlled independently to get the required temperature in the room where you needed.

Flexible mounting

Daikin compact air conditioners are easy to install even in houses with limited space.

Energy and cost savings

Advanced technology of inverters and heat pumps offer the highest efficiency and energy savings at lower costs.

Extensive product range

Our wide range of products let you choose the style and performance that best suit to your home.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology in air-conditioning units is used to continuously control the indoor temperature. Compared to a traditional system, it provides comfort and reduces energy costs by 30%.

Heat pump power

Daikin technology regulates humidity at each temperature without need for an additional water tank to provide the best comfort.

Humidification / dehumidification

Inside you can always enjoy the perfect climate, because Daikin has a range of heat pumps for extremely hot and cold outdoor temperatures.

Silent operation

Our indoor units are absolutly silent and offer you a perfect comfort.

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