Inteligent shading

In the inteligent house the shading system is taking care about themself.

The shading system knows what to do

In the morning wakes you up with the sunlights, through the day the household can use sun for the heating or the opposite it can avoid the overheating when you are away from home. If you are at home, folds up or down the blinds to let in the natural light. After when it gets darker the inteligent shading secure the more privacy.

Sunlight as a good mate

Thanks to the good placement of the house, direction of the windows, actual stand of the sun, level of the sunrise and temperature in the room can the inteligent house use the solar energy for heating the house but let in enough sunlight for your plants at the same time.

Choose whats suits for you

Inteligent house Loxone can integrate withou any problem everything esentially to satisfied everyone needs. You can combine different types of blinds and shading system like external and internal blinds, shades or marquee.

7:00 Good morning

The blinds open slowly and light enters the room. Along with the tones of your favorite music, a new day will start pleasantly.

9: 00–11: 00 Heat and light

The room has a pleasant temperature and plenty of natural light.

11:00 Autopilot

Blinds guard the movement of the sun and, depending on the room temperature and light level, take care of comfort and energy savings.

17:00 Safe location

A storm is approaching and the wind is rising. The blinds automatically extend to a safe position.

21:00 Privacy policy

The sun has disappeared beyond the horizon and, together with the lights on, the house closes the blinds for maximum privacy and security.


Unbelivably easy operation

Controling the shading system in Loxone is easy and smart. Just push a button for any blinds in room. With one click you can pull up or down the blinds. You can save tens of hours per year.

Full of options anytime

Thanks to the free Loxone Smart Home App for phones, tablets and web browsers you can fully control your blinds anytime and anywhere. In the real time you can see in what positions they are or you can manage. It´s not that comfortable as the ordinary buttons but it has lot more options if you would need them.

Protection against the overheating

Smart home can shades in by itself if there is a risk of overheating by the sunlights.

Savings from the heating

At the winter time Loxone absolutly taking care about using the solar energy for economical heating.

Wind protection

If the storm is coming the house will know about it and automatically pulls up the blinds to the safe position.

Conroling more in the same time

Different windows can be organized to the groups (ex. Whole upstairs) and can be operated at the same time.

Child safe

Buttons can be deactivated through the app so wont let the children play with the blinds.

Natural light

When lamination and blinds are rolling like to let natural light to the room.