Access System

Intelligent Access System

Any loudspeaker ringtones and notifications on your phone can alert you when a visitor has came. So you will know about it even if you are not at home. From anywhere in the world, you can talk to him, see him on video, and even open the door. This is not just what you can offer the inteligent access system.

You won't miss anything

With the Loxone Intercom, which is equipped with a camera, speaker and microphone, you can see what’s going on at the door and talk from anywhere with a visitor through the smart home app. Thanks to notifications just have a phone with you and that if someone rings you will know in the garden or at work as well.

Intelligent ringtone

The intelligent access system allows you to set the bell melody and its behavior. As long as the children sleep, your house will take care of the quiet doorbell in the form of flashing lighting.

Unlimited possibilities

The flexibility of the Loxone system allows the integration of a wide range of electronic locks and intrusion detection systems. Thanks to this you will fully feel the possibilities of intelligent house security.

The house knows who to let go

Maybe you have rooms that you don't want to be accessible to all family members. For example, you may have a better feeling when you have a locked technical room in front of your children, or that children do not have access to sibling rooms. If you want, you can create different users with permissions only for certain rooms and at different times. The gardener or housekeeper will have given when and where they can access. If someone try to access without authorization, you will be informed immediately.

NFC Code Touch

A great solution to access your smart home. NFC Code Touch offers the perfect access solution for doors, gates and security. You can access with any code for each family member, and it also offers time-limited and one-time codes.