Home control

Revolution in Home Control

Various functions can be controlled with one, two, three clicks. Not a complicated series of label buttons, but an intuitive concept that your grandmother can easily understand.

Each room has the same control

To make the operation really easy, we recommend using the same principle for all rooms. So it will be easy to remember for everyone. Once you try it and you will be a pro. You will never have to think which button to press.

One press

Ukážka ovládania systémov pomocou vypínača

More presses

Ukážka ovládania hudby pomocou vypínača

Double click
Leaving the room

Very useful when leaving the room. Simply double-click to turn off the entire room. As always, of course only if you want to. Light, music and everything else you want to include in this smart feature: sauna, TV, stereo, computers…

Triple click
Leaving the house

One of the most popular features that literally changes lives. You go to sleep or leave the house. At the main entrance or garage: the house is turned off with a simple triple click. Each light goes off, the devices are disconnected from the mains, the alarm is activated. Always tailored to your wishes.

Loxone Touch

All controls simple, efficient and in one button. And the result exceeded expectations: the Loxone Touch. The button boasts five touch pads. And it´s not everything, it also has a temperature and humidity sensor.

Touch Surface

Ako ovládací prvok môže slúžiť nábytok i doska stola. Loxone Touch Surface sa ovláda rovnako ako Loxone Touch, ale je umiestnený pod doskou stola alebo za stenou skrine, alebo tam, kde ho chcete mať. Loxone Touch surface vytvorí ovládací prvok z každého povrchu.