Temperature control

Intelligent temperature control

You can have in each room different temperanture any time according to your preferences. You don´t have to think about when you turn off or not even a „Holiday“ mode. Loxone Smart Home will take care of everything.

Intelligent heating and air conditioning

Enjoy the ideal temperature at home all year round without high costs, worries and constant complicated settings.

You come home from work and you have already an enjoyable 22 ° C in the living room. In the bathroom you can have a relaxing bath at a 25 ° C and the bedroom is ready for sleep at a temperature of 20 ° C. With Loxone you can easily set what temperatures and when you would like to have in which room and you don´t have to worry about nothing else. You are just enjoying the
comfort of Loxone. The house doesn´t just use the various sources of heating and calculate their capabilities, but also the shading technology and the air conditioning. When you are not at home or when you are ventilating, it´s automatically save energy.

Ideal room temperature

In a smart home from Loxone, the temperature is always right. Intelligent heating or cooling regulates the advantageous temperature individual rooms by itself. Knows each room of the property and knows what to do to have a required temperature in a specified time. It takes in to the account all the holidays, recognizes the absence and cooperate with the shading technique.

Heating teaches itself how to behave

Thanks to the intelligence of the Miniserver, the heating knows when to start heating so that the required temperature in the room is reached at the specified time. Then it just maintains a constant temperature without fluctuating and wasting energy. No more returns from work to the frozen house in winter and no more hot and stuffy in the bedroom in summer!

Easy controling

In the traditional concept, there is one thermostat for the some of the rooms. You have to do settings by yourself for individual tempratures in each room. In our smart house it´s possible to change the comfortable temperature of each room for different times using the application or via a web browser.

The household easily adapts to different situations thanks to preset modes. Usually used pre-settings are for example: parties, holidays, illness, frost protection, etc. You don´t have to change the whole program, just switch to another mode and the desired settings are immediately active.

Heating at full throttle

Miniserver knows everything about your home, about the presence in the rooms and also knows the weather forecast. By the weather can set the program itself. If you have more heat sources in the room, the smart home will activate the secondary heating circuit itself, if the basic one is not enough for heating. So this is how the required temperature is always ensured without any intervention.

Energy savings for heat and air conditioning

During the vacation, the house switches to energy saving mode. You save without having to think about it. Heating and cooling of the house cooperates with shading technology. Sometimes it is enough to keep the blinds in the right position to heat or cool the room. Loxone will take care of it even when you´re not home. A common problem with heating and cooling is that they do not communicate with each other. The air conditioning switches on when the heating is on as well. In an intelligent house from Loxone, this won´t be happen, because everything is connected to each other. Thanks to this, you are not throwing money out the window, not anymore. As soon as you open it,
the heating is switched off.

Setting times

You can easily set what temperatures you want in which hour separately for weekdays and holidays and weekends.

Recording statistics

You can record heating statistics and compare the savings which have been achieved by controlling the heating with Loxone.

Wind protection

If the storm is coming the house will know about it and automatically pulls up the blinds to the safe position.

Freeze protection

In winter, the temperature may drop when you are away from home. The intelligent house will start heating in time so that the water in the pipes doesn´t freeze.

The valve actuators take care of themselves

A long period without moving the actuators not does well. But Loxone takes care about them and regularly closing or opening them.

Natural light

When you are in a room, the slats of the blind will turn to let in the natural light.

Temperature timer

For short-term temperature changes, activate the timer and don´t have to change modes back and forth. For example, it heats up the bathroom for an hour.

Operating time

It controls the time the pumps, boilers and the running of other equipments. This will remind you on time that the filter needs to be replaced or the boiler needs maintenance.

Everything under control

It doesn´t matter which manufacturer or which type of heating you choose. The Loxone smart home is compatible with everything.