Price of the smart electrical instalation

Imagine Loxone as the conductor of the orchestra. Or as the brain of the central nervous system. The one who connects all the units so that the most beautiful symphony is created. This is not about smart toys for the household, but about a home that knows what it needs and will do it instead of you.

How much does it all cost?

To give you an idea, we have prepared three usual Loxone calculations on the example of a house on ​​120 m2.

The family house consists of a hallway, living room connected to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, two children´s bedrooms and a garage.

You can easily compare the prepared variants with the costs of individual control.

Variant Clever

33 functions
Intelligent electroinstalation for everybody
2 929
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Heating
  • Central functions
  • Other

Variant Premium

52 functions
For a stronger living experience
4 974
It contains the functions of the Clever variant and more other functions
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Heating
  • Blind control
  • Central functions
  • Others + more functions

Variant Exclusive

74 features
The pinnacle of independence, comfort and style
13 532
It contains the functions of the Clever and Premium variants and more other functions
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Heating
  • Blind control
  • Multimedia
  • Access control
  • Other functions
  • Other + more funkctions


If your budget is a bit tight, but you would like some independence from your home and you would like it if you could indulge in a real connection of your facilities? Then the basic variant of the most used functions is ideal for you. It´s great to have it and you can improve at any time with a function from other variants.

Clever variant functions

It contains 33 functions


If motion is detected in the room and there is not enough natural light, it will turn on automatically.

Thanks to the systematic lighting of the lights even in your absence, your house can behave as if you were there even when you were on vacation. This feature significantly contributes to the security of the house.

At the moment when the house is switched to night mode, the lights will flash instead of a loud rings. So the visitor can make itself known and the bell won´t be wake up your children.

The light system automatically switches off when you leaving the room.

You will always have the lighting in the whole house under control individually and centrally. Thanks to the mobile application you have always an overview in which room a light is on and how. If you would like you can change the lighting or turn off the lights.


If you feel in danger, you can use the Panic button any time. Just hold the button you specify to trigger an alarm throughout the house.

If you leave the house, the full security system will be switch on with a small delay – this means that in case the system detects possible window breakage (if the window contacts are connected to the system) as well as movements in the rooms. At night, when you are in the house, protection is limited to window contacts, so you can move around the house.

Except the one main smoke detector for the whole house, you will have a temperature sensor hidden in each Loxone Touch switch. Thanks to it, the system can detect a fire in any room and saving your life. Create a same scenario, when it engages the whole house in the alarm and also turn off the
recuperation so protects you from suffocation.

If there is any non-standard situation in the house, you will know about it even if you are not there. To your mobile phone (connected to the internet) you will immediately receive a notification with information about what and where exactly is happening or Loxone can call you even when you are not online (paid Loxone Caller service). It doesn´t just have to call you, but where ever you will want. So this is how you can react to the situation immediately.

Of course, there are also historical data on when and where what happened, which you can use later.

Sometimes you have to go back after leaving for something what you forgot. Delayed alarming of the house leaves you time for these kind of situations.

The classic house is standardly equipped only with an alarm against burglary, which in case of disturbance the alarm will go on. With Loxone, the whole house is connected if this situation occurs From the flashing of the lights, through the moving of the shading technology, switching on the audio system and triggering the siren, to calling for help by voice call (voice call requires a paid online service Loxone Caller).


Each Loxone Touch has temperature and humidity meter. You can record these datas in the statistics and look at them at any time. You can also create smart features that, for example, alert you when humidity drops in winter.

The basic configuration includes the control of recuperation through the phone app and using as well the prepared program. For controling , the control voltage 0-10 V is calculated, which is equipped with most common recuperation units.

Licenses and all other updates are included – Task Recorder for free. You can control your intelligent house from Loxone via Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, Linux or via a regular internet browser.

The system can alert you in important or even critical conditions and situations.

Controlling a smart house has never been easier and it´s same in every room of the house. Instead of a series of buttons in each room only one is enough: Loxone Touch.

Do you do any tasks in the house all the time? Automatize them!In the Loxone App you have a very powerful tool where you can create your own rules even without an installation partner.

You can control any function in the app, but what if you want to do it with a delay? Thatswhy we have here the Task Recorder. Upload the instructions and specify the date and time. Loxone will do them for you.


Setting the temperature in each room separately at the different time. Loxone do a calculation itself for each room based data, what you enter into the phone app. No expensive, complicated and ugly wall thermostats.

The Loxone system is constantly learning and adapting to your habits. Thanks to this, it can also react to many influences when regulating the temperature like as the method of heating, the use of rooms or the indoor temperature.

If suddenly the guests will surprise you ,you won´t be sitting in a cold room. Loxone Smart Home will be about to based on the movement to know and prolong the heating or cooling, depending on your settings. You don´t have to deal with anything.

It doesn't make any sense just heat to the open windows and your smart house knows it. As soon as the window in the room is opened, it automatically stops heating. (Requires installation of window contacts.)

A great help if you leave the house for a longer period (3 days and longer). You do not have to go around all the rooms and set the thermostats (or the boiler). Loxone will arrange this for you and take care not to freeze the property.

Do you like statistics? No problem with Loxone system. You will have historical temperatures to which you can return at any time and discover the potential for savings.

Loxone can also adapt to changing your weekly schedule. For example, it counts on holidays during which you spend more time at home and does not let you freeze.

During the non-heating period, the heating valves do not move and there is a risk that they will stick. Manufacturers usually prescribe regular movement intervals to prevent this. Loxone thinks about it for you and keeps this interval so that nothing will surprise you at the beginning of the heating

In case of any problems, Loxone will inform you, for example if it appears a problem with the pressure in the system or if the system does not have enough heating power.

Modes, calendars, administration, monitoring. All this in each rooms, but also centrally for the whole house. With the Loxone App you will always have the heating easily and clearly under control.

Central functions

Loxone always notifies you of an open window or door in time thanks to notifications through the application (requires installation of window contacts).

Before going to bed, you regularly repeat the ritual of activities like as turning off the lights, turning on the alarm or turn down the heating. Loxone will take care of all that instead of you.

Similar activities that you have to do before you go to bed await you before you leave the house. Loxone will be your helper for a daily peaceful departure from the house.

Holidays, preparation for sleep, parties, always the same scenario, always routine job. Save time and enjoy.


Have you equipped your new home with first-class equipment and do you want to enjoy it properly? Be enchanted by the advanced features of the Premium variant. Your house will finally take care of itself. This allows you to take full advantage of the freedom that the new automated system will give you and rely on its services.

Features of the Premium variant

It includes 33 functions of the Clever variant and in addition these other functions


The full intensity of light is not always what you want. In the morning, before going to bed or while relaxing, you will appreciate the dim lighting, for work again full brightness. With Loxone, thanks to lighting moods, the control of dimmed lights is fast and comfortable, or even fully automatic.

If the household is switched to night mode, the selected lights wil turn on when moving in the room with reduced intensity (or other color). It will ensure a comfortable move in the room, but at the same time it won´t dazzle you.

Ready control for up to 6 circuits of single-color LED strips

Loxone taillights in the hallway and in the bathroom

Blind control

One touch is enough to retract or remove blinds and shutters.

Your shading technology controls itself according to your needs and the needs of your house 24 hours a day. Let in the maximum amount of natural light, but if there is a risk of overheating, it will automatically tilt the slats so that the desired temperature is kept under control even without your intervention.

For example, if you have a tree in your garden, the system may know about it. It will take into account the shadow and will not shade so unnecessarily when it is not necessary.

Once the sun stops shining on the window, you can choose what will happen next. Either the shield is pulled out, stays in the same position, or complete shielding occurs.

You can choose how the blinds and lamellas will turn. Either they will tighten more for a greater cooling effect or if you prefer the light, they will shade but transmit maximum light, without dazzling the rays.

You can control all windows from one place in the application and see their current status, even when you are not at home.

The house always prefers the maximum use of natural resources: in summer the shading prevents overheating and saves on air conditioning, in winter it can save on heating.

Your shading technique can pull out at a specified time and let daylight into the room for a pleasant waking up.

If we have manually intervened in the shading and deactivated the automation it will be reactivated when you leave the room or the house and take optimal care of your house.

If the wind speed cross the limit, your blinds will be pulled out to a safe position to prevent to destroy them.

In case that there is a risk of freezing of the shading technology due to external conditions, it will block to prevent destroying the drive.

Other functions

The morning awakening is now much more pleasant. The lights in the room turn on and the blinds are raised. You will be so far more natural. If the household is equipped with a Music Server, it can be add as well.

In case of approaching rain, the system will know about it as well. If you have powered windows, they may close by themself.

In the phone app you can see the weather forecast calculated exactly for your location. The house can use this information, for example, to automate watering and other functions in the house. (Requires paid Weather Service or Loxone Weather Station.)


You want an absolute connection of technologies in your house or apartment, because high investments in modern equipment require an exceptional level of independence and perfection. The supply of innovative automation in the form of a multiroom audio system, video intercom, access system or colored lights are just an example of what the Exclusive variant can give you.

Exclusive variant functions

It contains 52 functions of the Clever and Premium variants and even more these functions


Farby majú nielen estetickú funkciu. Ovplyvňujú aj našu pohodu a produktivitu. K zmene nálady v miestnosti skvele poslúži farebné osvetlenie. Môžete skombinovať rôzne zdroje. Ovládanie pritom bude stále rovnako jednoduché: Stlačením prepínate pripravené scény, aby ste nemuseli zakaždým zložito nastavovať každé svetlo zvlášť. To zvládne aj vaša babička alebo deti. Koniec zástupom vypínačov, ktoré nikto nevie ovládať.

At night, just take your foot off the bed and the dim night light is activated, which is enough for orientation, it does not dazzle you and does not wake your partner. It also switches off by itself.

Loxone hanging lights above the kitchen table (2 pieces)

Outdoor switching lighting

Access control

Whenever someone rings your doorbell, you know it. You can see it in the application, talk to them and possibly open the door.

Easily open and close the garage door anywhere and anytime from your mobile phone, using the Remote Air radio or even the buttons. You can also turn off the alarm when you open the garage on your arrival.

Our code keypad allows you to access the house using a numeric code or NFC tag. For everyone you can set a limited time. You can easily create a temporary code for neighbours who will water your flowers during the holidays.


You can play different or the same music in your rooms at the same time. All you need is one universal system.

When you enter the room, the music will play on its own. In the morning in the kitchen it can be something energetic, relaxing in the living room, birds singing in the bathroom. But at night, a clever house knows it doesn´t have to wake anyone.

Extremely fast and easy music control that´s always at hand: change the volume, turn on, turn off and change the source.

In the phone app you have all the possibilities of multiroom audio anywhere in your hands. Create playlists, link zones and much more.

With the Loxone Music Server you can play Internet radio (TuneIn service), music from the Spotify streaming service, from Apple devices using AirPlay or local storage with a capacity of 1,024 GB.

Whenever something requires your attention, your house can tell you from the speakers thanks to the text-to-speech feature. For example, when you leave the house, it will tell you that you have left the windows open.

Whenever something requires your attention, your house can tell you from the speakers thanks to the text-to-speech feature. For example, when you leave the house, it will tell you that you have left the windows open.

You can control many of media devices automatically or through the application. For example, turn off the TV on exit from home or when going to bed.

Your audio will also serve as a doorbell and play any melody from the speakers in the rooms you specify. During sleep, the ringing may be replaced by flashing lights.

In the event of an alarm (burglary, fire, water leakage), the smart home will use audio for an inaudible warning.

When leaving the house and during the night, the audio system switches to energy saving mode so that it does not waste energy unnecessarily.


In addition to the usual push notifications in the phone app or by e-mail, the house can notify you of all notifications by voice call to your phone. It will also call you abroad, without having to be connected to mobile data, without restrictions or additional fees.

Unlike the regular smoke detectors, the one from Loxone is fully integrated. So in case of an alarm, you will find out everything even when you are not at home, the blinds are pulled out, the siren is triggered throughout the house and the recuperation must be switched off to prevent the smoke from spreading around the house.

Elegant alarm clock, additional light, control, clock and outside temperature indicator on the bedside table in the bedroom – this is Loxone Touch Nightlight.

The premium glass touch button is a joy not only to see but also to use. Its surface is pleasant to the touch and no dirt remains on it. As a bonus, you can use a soft backlight.

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