Air purifying

Smart ventilation and air purifying

You can´t see, but it´s all around us and we need it for a living. It plays an important role play for our household. You dont have to worry about the damage caused by mould or any cleaning products to remove them or worry about your health. Smart regulation of air purifying in the Loxone Smart home system
can allows you relax and enjoying the best quality of air throughout the day.

We´re talking about one of the four elements: about the air.

Automatizaton of air technology

Less than 50 000 tasks and more time for yourself.

Loxone smart home is taking all the daily tasks for itself because want to save time for you what you can spend with your loved ones. Thanks to the automatic control you dont have to think about venting. In your home you can be sure that everything is working perfectly.

Venting is under control everywhere thanks to the app

Even if your home taking care about the venting, you can control it anytime through the app. Choose the strenght of venting, set your personal timer or switch off the venting.

Health and comfort: quality of air makes changes

An adult person needs around 10 000L of air daily. Fresh air isnt only ensure important materials for survive but it has a good bit of effect for our health and comfort. For example fresh air takes resposibilty of concentration, avoid headache and support the regeneration of our body at night.

The easiest control of venting

You can build in any venting and air purifying system to your home from different suppliers thanks to this system its  perfectly connectable with Loxone.