Control of the football stadium

Control of the football stadium

The home stadium of the Hungarian football club DVTK won the title of Stadium of the Year in 2018 and it´s a home to 7 mini-servers. Thanks to Loxone technology, it has become a very special place for various events.

The project was originally to be implemented by another system. Although all the involvement was already done, the investor was forced to look for an other alternative. His requirement was to control the entire stadium with one system – regardless of whether it was the spotlights, the light in the locker room or the technology of the announcers. The project realizator showed the customer that this is possible with Loxone, and it is also possible to add a number of other functions. Therefore, the investor did not hesitate to change the original system to Loxone for a long time. The main reasons were:

The already existing electrical installation was used for functions such as lighting control, measurement of electric current and temperature in switchboards, heating of gutter systems and others.

The lighting of the football field knows much more

The football pitch is used for events such as: training, matches in the Hungarian National League, matches with TV broadcast, UEFA matches, etc. All of these events require different types of lighting.

In addition to the spotlight system, all other lights in the stadium are integrated into the Loxone building management system. The lights are activated thanks to motion detectors e.g. in toilets, buffet areas and corridors. Changes in lighting moods can be made by players, coaches or even maintenance work with a simple touch.

DVTK fans can be recognized by the stadium, whether they have training or a match. According to the event and the mood setting of outdoor lighting.

Temperature control and heating

Integrated heating of gutter systems on the stadium roof

There are heated pipes on the roof of the DVTK football stadium, which prevent the freezing. If ice formed there, the pipe would become clogged. The drip heating starts automatically as soon as there is a risk of frost. The operator of the football stadium no longer has to worry about it.

Heating control in switchboards - and also under the roof

The switchboards at the football stadium are not just in one room, but are distributed throughout the building. The reflector cabinets are located directly under the roof. If the temperature exceeds a certain limit, the necessary measures are taken automatically.

All necessary components to ensure proper operation are heated in the switchboard depending on the operating time. At low temperatures, the switchboards are again exposed to frost. This problem is solved by implementing temperature control in each switchboard.

A temperature sensor, a small fan and heating devices are installed in the switchboard. If the temperature in one of the cabinets falls below the set temperature, the heating is switched on automatically and vice versa, if the temperature is too high, ventilation is started.