Day in a modern home

In the last article in the “Situational Model” series, we will look in detail at how a modern home takes care of itself when the occupants are away from home for a long time, like for holidays, trips or business trips.



In case of a longer absence, the house will take care of itself. The “holiday” mode is activated, in which all unnecessary appliances are disconnected. For a reason of energy saving  the heating is switched off or dimmed. The rooms can be heated by solar energy or by turning the slats, pulling out the blinds.Watering system will take care of grass watering based on data from the soil moisture sensor, thus preventing the grass from drying out.

Showroom jedalen

Presence simulation is also preset. At certain hours the system on a few minutes will automatically turn on the lights in some rooms, via multimedia the system plays music, pulls the case, and retracts the shield. It is of course activated security system.

Worries about watering the flowers during the holidays are known to everyone. You don´t have to worry about this in a moder home. All you have to do is generate an access code in the phone application (which can be activated for the required number of inputs, even for 1). Send the set code to your neighbor, whose movement around the house you can check using a monitoring system that streams the current image from the cameras directly to the application.

dovolenka smart home

Another unpleasant situation can be that delayed orders are delivered during the holiday. In a smart home, there is nothing more easier than opening a garage door to a courier  following his movement and activity on the property, and wishing him a nice day when he´s finished.

Zdroj: Návrh a konfigurácia inteligentnej elektroinštalácie použitím systému Loxone (Ortuta, 2020)

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...more info about the lighting

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We hope that this mini-series of articles has shown you how the household takes care not only of you, but also of itself.

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