The story of a modern home

The story of a modern home

You already know the benefits of an intelligent house, but let's take a situation model and imagine the life of a family of 4.

The main goal of a truly intelligent house is not to operate plugs and devices remotely. The real point is to automatically control all the subsystems (heating, heat recovery, lighting, etc.) based on your preferences. Smart House has the ability to make independent decisions even when you are not in the house. Its decisions are based on the daily habits and individual needs of the occupants of the house. All technologies are controlled by one element, which ensures mutual communication and avoids situations in which the air conditioning and heating switch on at the same time.


It´s 4 o´clock in the morning and the house is getting ready for your awake.

Situačný model - ráno

Parents getting up at 5.30am. To cut the expenses for the energy and security of better sleeping its activated a regime for a night where the temperature in the rooms is lower. The system knows how long does it take to heat up each rooms regarding to the outside temperature as well.

At 4:30 the system switch on the heating up cyrcle in the bathroom and the kitchen where you usually in the morning stays. At 5.10am automaticly the blinds are turned to the position where can let the most of the sunlight in to the room whats the basic factor to ensure the morning awake. At.5:20am the multimedial system is activated where your favourite music plays softly – it´s end of the unpleasent alarm clocks. In the requierd time you are enough awake and it follows the morning visit of the bathroom. The bathroom is nicely heated up. The motion sensor in the bathroom notice your presence and let switches on the favourite radio where is a weather forecast at that time.

After a morning hygine you move forward to the kitchen, the temperature is on the required degree. The sensor in the kitchen of course notice your presence and automaticly switches on a radio in the kitchen. Of course the children dont have to wake up that early. Awaking process is the same just an hour later.

Situačný model - den


Through the day the house takes care of itself.

With the knowledge of holidays, workdays or events in the calendar system knows when to activate regime of „absence“ and when you are staying at home.

Now it follows the leaving of the house. After leaving usually you forgot if the windows are opern or the lights are switched on or you are thinking about in the car if you switched on devices – its over of the pointless worries.

Leaving the house can be initializied by triple click on the touch pad by the door. Lights are automaticly switching off, if any of the windows are open you will be aware by notification or a voice message on your phone. In case of leaving its obviousness the switching on the security system. There is a “absence” mode in which the boiler is turned off to unnecessarily maintain the supply of hot water and reduced or off heating.

It´s 10:00 o´clock and a courier is ringing on a doorbell. Thanks to the access system you can talk with him anytime on distance. Opened the garage gate to the courier, where he left the package. Movement and activities of the courier you can follow throught the stream screen from the camera system. After when he´s left you can close the again.

Something unpleasent circumstances happened. After the breakfast you just left the dirty tableware in the dishwasher where some small hose just broken. A flood sensor noticed a water leakage and switched off a water supply and prevent a bigger damage. Of course you ´ve been informed with a notification.

Coming back home

House prepares for your afternoon return.

Situačný model - návrat domov

Usually you are coming back home after 16:00. With a sufficient advance the system begins to prepare the house for the “presence” mode. The battler is switched on to ensure hot water. The knowledge of the sun’s position and the data from the external temperature sensors are automatically turned to the position where can let as much as sun light what can heat up the room for the requierd temperature- for free.

Situačný model - noc


House is getting ready for your sleeping

After dark the blinds are automaticly turned to ensure the needed privacy. The whole house is just slowly prepares for a sleeping and activates the  „Night“ mode. It´s 3.00 o´clock in the morning and you have to visit the bathroom. Sensor placed under the bed is noticed activities and switches on the LED placed on the inside part of the bed frame.  Gives you enough light and wont wakes up partner. In the bathroom will switch on the dimmed light with a touch of purple  which wont wakes you up. When you will be back in the bedroom all the lights will turn off and you can continue in sleeping.