iPad Holder: Controling never been elegant like this

iPad Holder

Controling never been elegant like this

Loxone Smart Home knows itself what to do. However, you always have the opportunity to change thoughtful processes manually. Fasten the wall holder for iPad 9.7 “to your favorite location and create a unique control panel that will impress everyone.

Ukážka ovládania tabletu namontovaného v Loxone držiaku
Ikona ovládania systému tabletom na stene v novom drziaku

Control your whole household from one place: lighting, blinds, music...

Ikona zvončeka. Tablet upozorní na prípadnú návštevu

Check your iPad and find out who´s standing before the door. You can straight open it.

Ikona štatistík, ktoré môžete sledovať priamo v tablete umiestnenom v novom držiaku

Follow the statistics – are you interested in how much energy are you use or a history of the temperature?

Great quality and minimalistic design

Our wall-mounted holder was made from a quality aluminum even if you choose a silver or anthracite option you never make a mistake.

Tenký dizajn a prémiový materiál držiaku Loxone na stene


The width of only 10.5 mm makes our holder one of the thinnest and most elegant in the world.

Premiový materiál v dvoch prevedeniach namontovaný na stene


High-quality aluminium with a matte anodized finish makes this bracket a truly exclusive product.

Loxone držiak namontovaný na stene


The charging cable can be brought from the wall so it remains completely invisible.