New Alarm Siren: Protection of the smart house in the wave

New Alarm Siren

Protection of the smart house in the wave

New Loxone Alarm siren helps protect your home or business. The striking flicker and loud sound of the alarm frightens potential thieves and reliably notifies everyone around. At the same time, this alarm device is a great complement to protection against other risks, such as Fire.

Ukážka novej sirény namontovanej na dome

Properly positioned forward

Outdoors visible and difficult to access will serve the best. Every potential thief can make it clear that your house should be far from being avoided.

Siréna umiestnená na viditeľnom a tažko dostupnom mieste na dome
Tri silné LED zaobstarajú dostatočnú výstrahu a upozornia všetkých na okolo

Flashing lights

Threes strong LED diods gives you a clear optical warning in case of alert. Their high quality garantuees flashing even after years.

Pri poplachu sa spustí hlasný alarm ktorý upozorní každého na okolí

Loud alarm

No doubt the built-in alarm system attract attention but not only yours or your neighborhood but the potential thiefs as well.

V prípade zásahu sa spustí sabotáž sirény čím je znemožnená demontáž nepovolenými užívateľmi

Protective contact

If someone would be plays with your sirene integrated sabotage contact the alarm is triggered. You will also recive a notification on your smartphone.

Ikona stupeň krytia sirény

Weather resistant

IP44 protection protects against splashing water and condensation moisture, so you can rely on long-term protection.