Day in a modern home

We have prepared a series of four articles for you so that you can get a better idea and understanding of how a truly intelligent home should be working, even in cases where the occupants of the house are not in its rooms or when they are sleeping.

In the this article we will describe the second phase of the day in a modern home, which is “Daytime”. We describe the behavior of a modern home in the case when residents are out from home,  at work or in the school.

During the day


By knowing the working days, holidays and events in the calendar and by putting the sign of leaving the house by the user (by entering the code), the system knows that none of the occupants are in the house. The system checks the the windows (based on the magnets), switches off all lights and switches on the security system. When the occupants of the house are at work or school, it isn´t needed to maintain hot water supplies and heat the house. Energy is saved by switching off the boiler, activating the “absence” mode where the temperature reduction is set or switching off the power for all devices that don´t  need power for proper operation throughout the day.

It’s 11:20 and the courier rang before the door. Thanks to the remote control of the access system via the application, communication with the courier is possible. You can open the garage door to the courier where he leaves the package. The movement and activity of the courier can be monitored by the user on the basis of a camera system and, thanks to the streaming of the image to the application, he sees the current events in the house. After leaving and handing over the package, the garage door will close again.

inteligentný videovrátnik
ochrana pri úniku vody

The dishwasher was switched on before leaving for work in the morning. When washing the dishes, the hose that serves to supply water to the dishwasher burst. Due to the correct placement of the flood sensor (under the dishwasher), a water leak is recorded, on the basis of which the main water supply is switched off. The user is informed of this situation by a notification in the application

Zdroj: Návrh a konfigurácia inteligentnej elektroinštalácie použitím systému Loxone (Ortuta, 2020)

In the next article, we will describe the third phase of the day in a modern household, which is “Coming home and falling asleep”. In the first part of the article we will describe the preparation of a modern household for the arrival home from work or school and in the second part how the home will achieve comfort and ensure the privacy and safety of users even during the night.

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