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Smart pool

You can also integrate your pool in the Loxon smart home. The house will automatically clean the water, add disinfectant, fill the pool, regulate the temperature and control the pool cover. There will never be a risk that children can enter the pool without your knowledge. In the evening, the pool lighting is activated to increase the atmosphere.

Bathing season without work and worries

Who would not enjoy the bathing season. Unfortunately by the own pool the problems will increase as well.  This is also what we thought of in Loxon, because comfortable living without an intelligent pool can sometimes not be imagined.

Best water quality without work

The automated pool knows what to do. Thanks to filters, return flow, rinsing and circulation functions the pool always stays clean and hygienic. You don’t have to think about anything, everything will take care of technology.

Fully automatic pool equipment

Care for the pool requires ten minutes per day and a little knowledge of about it. If you connect to the AquaStar Air pool, which was developed specifically for the Loxone system, it takes care that you have a real smart house. Enjoy intelligent pool control.

peragua loxone

Everything under control:

Remote control of the pool from the application

Take a quick look at Loxone at work and know you can look forward to evening celebrations. The indicator says that the comfortable water temperature has already been reached. Just jump into the refreshing water.

Whether you are at home or on the road, you have a pool at your fingertips. You can always monitor and control temperature, level, filtration, pool cover, countercurrent etc.

Ovládanie všetkého v bazéne pomocou aplikácie

Pool cover control

There is also a danger at the pool, for example when small children playing around. The pool cover makes you sure,  which also prevents contamination. The closing of the cover can be easily checked by  the magnetic stops. The pool is part of intelligent home security.

Ovládanie krytu bazénu systémom loxone
Ovládanie pripúštania vody v bazéne

Adding water as needed

With an intelligent pool, you don’t have to worry about how much water your children will splash all around while playing a “bomb”. The pool refills itself. The water level is recognized by the pressure sensor. If it falls below the set value, the pool will automatically commit. Everything can be set and manually controlled also through the application or visualization in the browser (web interface).

Effective colored light

If you stay in the garden around the pool in the evening, the colorful lighting can create a truly magical atmosphere. It is automatically activated at twilight with preset colors, or you can change colors by your current mood using the app.

Nočné automatické osvetlenie bazénu

Other options for using the pool


The water sucked in by the pump is filtered through filter sand, where the impurities are collected from the pool. Purified water then flows into the pool.


When circulating AquaStar does not let water through the filter, but pumps it directly into the pool - eg. For quick mixing.

Temperature control

If you have temperature control in your pool, you can easily monitor the temperature and set other temperatures for certain times. All this easily by visualization.


In this position, the water flows in the opposite direction. The water presses down onto the sand, where swirls and impurities are released, which are then washed away into the sewer.

Cleaning rinse

It is activated when the backwash is triggered to prevent dirt from entering the pool. Here the sand settles again and a small amount of water is discharged into the sewer.


Emptying allows you to easily let the pool drain after the season.

Perfect home sauna

The sauna can be an ideal solution for the stress and balm for body and soul. But a smart sauna will allow us to indulge in the maximum experience of home sauna. Let’s see what possibilities intelligent sauna control, or its integration into a smart home, offers us.

Other possibilities of using the home sauna control

Access anytime

After a working day you are very tired and still replied to the last e-mails. Just activate the sauna from the app and emails will be replied superfast. You can look forward to it: the Finnish sauna is heated already when you park.

Access from anywhere

Imagine the situation: You are in the living room. You want a sauna, but you don’t want to get up and don’t even check whether the outdoor sauna is already heated. Use a tablet, activate your favorite sauna program and wait for the message: “Sauna is ready”.

Safety thanks to the smart oversight

With Loxone you don't just get comfort and control from anywhere. You gain another important aspect and dimension - security:

You can monitor temperature, humidity, smoke detection, door opening, stove condition and other data. Once the values ​​are outside the normal / expected state, a notification can be sent via notification, email or call (with Caller Service) and the sauna will shut itself off. This can also be done in the long absence or by pressing the exit button.

There is also a great sense of confidence that children cannot turn on the sauna. The absence of a control unit directly at the sauna makes it easy. Each user of the application can only access certain functions. Children will not be able to easily control the sauna in the app.

Combination of sauna, lighting and heating throughout the room.

As soon as you go sauna, the intelligent house accomodate the whole room where the sauna is located.